Reline Pipes Without Damaging your Property


6 facts of trenchless pipe lining not every plumber talks about…

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Pipe lining is at half the cost of conventional sewer pipe replacement. No overpriced reconstruction, human labour, or industrial machinery is necessary.

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Pipe lining, also called as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) is a life-long relief. It is tested to hold up for many years to come. We deploy Brawoliner materials, first-rate trenchless technology. You are also covered by a 35-year workmanship warranty
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Fix up pipes without worrying your community. Modern technology helps the repair to be done with minor obstruction.
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Trenchless pipe repair boost water draining as a result of the smoother surface of the restored pipes clearing away any opportunity of blocked drains.
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Savings in Time

Most pipe relining jobs in Penrith are successfully finished in about two days, whereas traditional digging methodology takes up to seven days. Trenchless pipe replacement methodology gives at least 5 days back in your week.

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No digging trenches results in no scrap for dumping ground. This is why, it is an environment-friendly process.

When to reline pipes?

6 tell-tale signs that your belowground pipes could be broken…

  1. Smelly drains
  2. Toilet water rises then slowly drains
  3. Drains create gurgling noise
  4. Sewage backup
  5. Unusually green areas of lawn
  6. Wall cracks

If left unresolved, belowground pipe can have significant consequences for your property. Hence, it’s imperative that you get seasoned advice.

Blocked Drain pipe Relining process in Penrith

Step 1

CCTV Drain Survey

Step 2

Clean the pipes

Step 3

Insert the liner

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Final Testing

Pipe relining warranty
50-year lifetime
We are so convinced of the product, equipment, and workmanship that we have a 35-year guarantee on all the relining works. We use Brawoline products that is tested to hold up for many a year.
If you have any clog in your installed pipe we will visit again. If the problem is caused by our pipe relining works we will fix it at no cost at all.
If your replaced pipe has been tempered by another reliner your warranty will be cancelled.
The warranty is only accounted for the area of the pipe relined.

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I sincerely believe the service was indeed top-class. Quote was fair for the work. I would highly recommend.

Charlotte, Penrith

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Google reviews

Fabulous communication. Work accomplished to a very high standard without any mess.

– Chloe, Earlwood

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pipe relining cost Penrith

Penrith pipe relining cost per metre can be in a range of $300 to $1500 or more. It’s important to acknowledge there are a number of determinants of quoting your pipe reline job such as;

  • the diameter of sections that need repairing
  • length of the pipe
  • number of junctions
  • area access

Since no two buildings are comparable, the total prices vary substantially. We highly advise you get in contact with one of our plumbers to get an upfront free job estimate.

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Penrith is the administrative centre of the local government area of the City of Penrith. It is also acknowledged on the register of the Geographical Names Board of New South Wales as one of only four cities within the Greater Sydney metropolitan area.