Pipe Relining Kensington


Reline a Pipe Without Extensive Digging


Plumbers who don’t have no-dig pipe relining technology will not tell you this…

Save money with pipe relining icon

Light on the Wallet

Trenchless pipe relining is half the cost of conventional pipe replacement. No high-priced rebuild, manual labor, or heavy-duty machinery is needed.
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Lasts For Decades

Pipe lining, also known as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) is a permanent relief. It is tested to carry on for 50 years. We deploy Brawoline products, first class trenchless technology. All of our work is under a 35-year workmanship warranty

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Does not interfere

Fix up pipes without creating a problem your area. Modern technology ensures the installation to be done with minor interferences.
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Trenchless pipe relining improves flow of water as a result of the leveled surface of the restored pipes clearing away any possibility of blocked drains.
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Savings in Time

More than 95% of all pipe relining jobs in Kensington are successfully conducted in couple of days, in contrast out-dated digging method takes up to 7 days. Trenchless pipe lining process gives at a minimum 5 days back in your hectic life.
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environmentally friendly

No excavation means no waste for landfill sites. This is why, it is an eco-friendly method.

When is the time to reline pipes?

6 tell-tale signs that your underground pipes are broken…

  1. Gas odor from sewer
  2. Toilets filling and not draining easily
  3. Gurgling sounds in the drain
  4. Toilet backup
  5. Unusually green areas of lawn
  6. Cracks to walls

If left unsolved, beneath the ground pipe can have dire consequences for your property. So, it’s imperative that you pursue specialised advice.

Blocked Drain pipe Relining steps in Kensington

Step 1

Camera Inspection

Step 2

Clean blocked pipes

Step 3

Inject the liner

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Last Inspection

Pipe relining warranty
50-year lifetime
We are so convinced of the product, remedy, and our skillfulness that we attach a 35-year warranty on all the relining project. We employ Brawoliner materials that is proven to stand for decades-long.
If you have any drainage in your installed pipe we will visit your property. If the trouble is because of our pipe relining works we will fix it for no charge.
If your relined pipe has been modified by another plumber your warranty will be null and void.
The guarantee is only held for the section of the pipe replaced.
Google reviews

I genuinely believe the service was really first-class. Cost was fair for the work. I would highly recommend.

– Ross, Bellevue Hill

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Google reviews

Awesome communication. Job done to a highest level without any story.

– Jess, Bondi

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pipe relining cost Kensington

Kensington pipe relining cost per metre can be in a range of $300 to $1500 or more. It’s vital to understand there are several determinants of pricing your pipe reline job such as;

  • pipe width
  • length of the pipe
  • number of bends
  • how difficult to access the area

Since no two locations are comparable, the total quotes vary greatly. We strongly recommend you get in touch with one of our plumbers to get an accurate free estimate.


Kensington is a suburb in south-eastern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. It is located 6 kilometres south-east of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area (LGA) of the City of Randwick, in the Eastern Suburbs region. Colloquially, Kensington is referred to as “Kenso”, “Ensington” or “Enso”.