Complete Sydney Guide 2021

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Sewer Pipe Relining Sydney presents this guide for the Sydney area.

Sydney is one of the largest and most populous cities in Australia. It is the capital of the New South Wales (NSW) state. Sydney is home to the Sydney Opera House which has a peculiar silhouette resembling sails of boats. Darling Harbour and Circular Quay are the ports famous among locals and tourists alike. They are packed with museums, shops, cafes, and also have landmarks like Harbour Bridge nearby. The tallest structure in the city, Sydney Tower, gives a 360-degree view of Sydney.

It is a coastal city bordered by the Blue Mountains, Pacific Ocean, Woronora Plateau, and the Hawkesbury River. 25.9% of the area of Sydney is covered by trees due to which it is considered as the third-largest city having the most trees in the world. Its climate is temperate with mild winters and warm to hot summers. In Sydney, the climate varies from area to area. Some areas face extreme heat in summer dry winds in other seasons.

History of Sydney

Indigenous Australians are considered the first people who inhabited Sydney. However, the study of stones and fossil fuels found in the area showed that people settled in Sydney from as far as 45,000 to 50,000 years BP. Lieutenant James Cook was the first British who interacted with the native people in 1770.

Later, Captain Phillip arrived and sailed to Botany Bay in 1788 when only a few thousands of natives were living there. He named the area ‘New Albion’ but after some time it attained the name Sydney, after the name of Lord Sydney who was a British Home Secretary. Over the years, the city got developed a lot for having many harbours and its current population is around 5.23 million.

Top Sights in Sydney

The following are the most famous sights in Sydney among locals and tourists, both.

Sydney Opera House

This performing art centre in Sydney is the most-photographed landmark for its unique roof structure. The building was designed by Jorn Utzon who was a Danish architect. It was first opened on 20 October 1973. Every year, more than 1,500 performances are held in this building and over 1.2 million people attend them.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is a world-famous beach located around 7 km away from the centre of the city. It is covered with beautiful white sand. Blue curling waves of the Pacific Ocean attract thousands of tourists and surfers to this beach. It’s one end has a public pool while the other has icebergs which increase its beauty many times.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

It is present across the Sydney Harbour and links Sydney with its suburbs present on the northern side of the port. Sydney Harbour Bridge is considered one of the longest steel arch bridge in the world. People can climb to its top to have beautiful views.

Port Jackson Bay

Port Jackson Bay is a 12 miles long inlet of the Pacific Ocean. The minimum depth of water in this inlet is 30 feet and the maximum depth is 155 feet. Many recreational events occur on it. Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are located on it.

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is home to Sydney’s top attractions such as Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Australian National Maritime Museum, SEA LIFE Aquarium, and WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. This famous harbour was named after a British Army officer Ralph Darling.

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

This 30-hectare botanical garden was established in the year 1816 due to which it is considered as one of the oldest gardens in Australia. Is has more than 5,000 plant species. It is a public recreation area, many events also occur in it.

Best Annual Sydney Events

Sydney is one of the most exciting cities in Australia. Many annual events occur in Sydney that increase its more attractive for the tourists. Some of the popular events are:

Sydney Harbour Regatta

This event occurs in March annually. Sydney Harbour Regatta is hosted by Middle Harbour Yacht Club. More than 200 boats participate in this exciting competition. It first occurred in 2006 and has grown a lot over the years.

Sydney Film Festival

Sydney Film Festival occurs in June and lasts for 12 days every year. National and international films, animations, and documentaries are played to keep the visitors well entertained.

Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney represents music, ideas, and light. In this outdoor event, many musicians perform outdoor, advanced and fancy lights are installed, and creative thinkers share their innovative ideas with the world.

Sydney Festival

It is an art festival that runs for three weeks in January every year since 1977. Many renowned international artists also join this festival and make it more enjoyable.

Taste of Sydney

Taste of Sydney is one of the favourite festivals of foodies. Australia’s famous dishes are represented by the top chefs and restaurants. It is a four-day festival in which you will get to explore many different flavours and tastes.

List of Famous People from Sydney

Sydney has many well-known faces. Some of the popular personalities who are from Sydney include:

Delta Goodrem

Delta Goodrem is a famous Australian singer and actress. She is 36 years of age and signed to Sony Music for the first time when she was 15. She is best known for her album Innocent Eyes.


INXS was a music band formed in 1977 in Sydney and performed last in the year 2012. It started with 3 members and they initially named the band “The Farriss Brothers.” Over the years, more members joined the band.

5 Seconds of Summer

5SOS is one of the most famous rock bands created in Sydney. It consists of four members. So far, they have won many music awards.


AC/DC is an Australian rock band created by two Scottish brothers in 1973. They are considered the most famous performers of the 1980s.

The Vines

This rock band was formed in 1994 in Sydney. Initially, it had many members but Craig Nicholls is the only member now. Their songs were unique as they were a blend of the garage music of the 1960s and alternative rocks of 1990s.