Pipe Relining Cost in Sydney

The very first thing homeowners want to know is “how much does pipe relining cost?”. As a guide pipe relining will cost somewhere between $300 and $1500 per meter in Sydney. By no means it is a concrete estimate and hence, this article goes into more detail and explains below what factors affect your pipe relining price.  

Several factors are taken into consideration when determining the pipe relining cost for a particular project. Typically, in Sydney the price is calculated on a per-meter basis.

6 Important Factors that Affect your Pipe Relining Cost

The cost to reline a pipe is determined by 6 factors. These include:

1) Minimum Charge

Trenchless pipe relining is an expensive technology to acquire. It takes a lot of high-tech expensive equipment such as liner, CCTV inspection camera, and robotic jetter to reline even the smallest length of pipe. Hence, there is a minimum charge put in place to ensure the cost of repairing smaller pipes doesn’t exceed the total value of effort put in by the team.

2) Access

Access is perhaps the most important cost determinant when compared to other factors. The pipe relining cost is directly affected by the ease of gaining access to a damaged pipe. Every site is different and may or may not present a challenge to access the underground pipe. In cases where it does pose a challenge, we resort to digging small holes in the ground to reach the pipe. In such events, expect to pay more than if that is not the case.

Here are some properties that have created access challenges in the past…

  • Homes with extensive concrete patios and pool decking. If your sewer line runs under your pool or patio, it may create access problems.
  • Damaged pipe runs below the extensive landscaping with trees, bushes, decorative boulders, and walkways.
  • Underground utility lines can also present access as well as safety challenges.
  • If the access of your sewer line happens to be on the street or council’s path, this is when it gets really complicated and prices skyrocket because of the added regulations of closing down a road, establishing a safe work zone, and traffic control.

3) Pipe Diameter

The diameter of the pipe to be repaired greatly determines the pipe relining cost. Pipe with small diameter uses less material and resin as well as the liner can be installed using less expensive technology. Wider pipes call for more liners, resin and time.

4) Pipe Length and number of bends

The length of the sewer pipe that needs to be worked on is directly proportional to the relining cost. Also, shorter the length of pipe, higher the cost per metre.

The number of bends on the pipe also influence the pipe relining cost. More bends call for more resin and liner input to get the job done.

5) Junction Cuts

As is the case with other factors discussed above, the pipe relining cost depends on the number of junctions to be relined. If the junction was affected by tree roots, by law junction patch must be installed, otherwise the tree roots will invade again.

Robotic cutter is used to cut the junctions out which adds up to the cost as it’s a specialised high-tech equipment and many pipe relining companies in Sydney may skip this step in the quote to look cheaper. You should always ask when comparing quotes if one company has not included junction patches in their estimates.

6) Overnight or after-hours work schedule

With the strict regulations put in place by the Australian authorities, sewer pipe relining costs might be higher on weekends or after retail hours. If the relining has to be done overnight, labour costs increase to some extent because the technicians have to take time off prior and after the job.

How to get an accurate estimate for pipe relining work in Sydney?

Many customers want a quote over the phone and sometimes they are quite adamant of just getting a ballpark without having a plumber visit the actual site. If there is one thing you want to learn after reading this article that would be, have a technician visit the problem area and put the drain camera down to uncover the real problem before hearing anything about quotes. That is the only way you will know the actual cost of pipe relining Sydney.